Block Printing is a method of printing textiles by stamping ink or dye dipped blocks on them; it is considered a sacred art, for it truly represents the precision and control an artisan has. A form of textile which emulates a canvas to let your imagination flow, block printing allows you to make each piece you create unique. It is a form of customizable textile fashion, where SajKe adds its element of sustainability.

The true essence of block printing lies in the quality of dye, the texture of the fabric and most importantly the precision of human touch. The churning dye, contains the goodness of nature, the serenity of pure souls and the intricate nuances that highlight details. These artisans spend long hours, perfecting patterns on yards of fabric which eventually flow effortlessly on modern silhouettes.


Priti Ji:

She is one of the most talented artisans here at Sajke. Pritiji makes the jewelry from the upcycled fabric and transforms the pieces into quirky and sustainable accessories. She works with our team of artisans and has a beautiful smile on her face every time we tell her what customers say about our collection. Sajke identified Pritiji’s talent for making beautiful handmade jewelry and offered her the opportunity to work with us. She is a financially independent woman today and supports her daughter’s education by herself.

Bhavna Ji:

Bhavna ji is a jewelry artisan having expertise in making intricate designs. She is very skilled at jewelry making and always wanted to work with a women-led company to showcase her skills. She appreciates the idea of slow fashion and quickly joined our team to make the handmade accessories. Being a single mother, she has often expressed her gratitude towards us.

Kartik Ji:

Everybody knows Kartik Ji as “Masterji” at SajKe due to his utmost dedication and expertise. He is the head tailor and ensures that the apparels are made to perfection. He always believes that it is of utmost importance to concentrate on the quality of work and its finesse. At SajKe, we value the efforts of our sincere team members who work with complete dedication each and every day. From being a daily wage earner to being an integral part of the SajKe team, our Masterji has proved that it is vital to have a platform to showcase your true skill set.

Chandra Ben:

Our beloved Chandra Ben is a fantastic home cook and has fed people with her delicious food for years. After working as a cook, she wanted to explore her skills in tailoring, and that’s when she approached SajKe. We were more than happy to see her work. Acing two fields of work, Chandra Ben today feels accomplished and wants her son to become a doctor.

Lizia Ben:

Lizia ben, along with Chandra ben, work with Masterji to make the finest outfits at SajKe, with love and determination, ensuring on-time delivery. Being the most experienced team member at Sajke, she brings the flow in the organization. Lizia ben herself has been a freelance tailor and made more than 300 ethnic wear dresses. She is today an imperial part of our team and her joyous smile always motivates us to grow as a brand along with a community that supports such skills.


We are grateful to be associated with each and every one of them. We take pride in having them onboard and are glad that they have been by our side though every step of the way.

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