sajke sagas

Meet The Artisans

The elixir of legacies are the people who exercise, practice and teach these crafts. It is true passion which is passed on from generation to generation. SajKe pays homage to the legends who stitch and weave, these treasured crafts of our rich heritage. The artisans work their magic with every sequin they sow and block print patterns of organic dyes to create illusions of everything; the majestic royalty to earthen touches.

Our Process

Block Printing is a method of printing textiles by stamping ink or dye dipped blocks on them; it is considered a sacred art, for it truly represents the precision and control an artisan has. A form of textile which emulates a canvas to let your imagination flow, block printing allows you to make each piece you create unique. It is a form of customizable textile fashion, where SajKe adds its element of sustainability.

The true essence of block printing lies in the quality of dye, the texture of the fabric and most importantly the precision of human touch. The churning dye, contains the goodness of nature, the serenity of pure souls and the intricate nuances that highlight details. These artisans spend long hours, perfecting patterns on yards of fabric which eventually flow effortlessly on modern silhouettes.